Family Dentistry

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Restorative cosmetic dentistry for kids & adults

Full Cosmetic Smile Makeovers

If you've always wanted a beautiful smile, composite bonding with non-metal materials can transform your teeth into natural-looking "pearly whites." We can also replace unsightly mercury amalgam fillings -- plus we provide effective teeth whitening and bleaching.

Dr. Benito provides caring dentistry to all family members including children over 5 years of age. The mission of our practice is to help you achieve optimum oral wellness -- for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Painless Dentistry Procedures

painless dental treatmentPatients can feel comfortable knowing they will not have to endure any degree of physical pain during treatment. We use a combination of both topical and local anesthetic for dental procedures. And if the patient requests more, we can administer mild tranquilizers to soothe anxieties. Our hygienist also offers gentle, pain-free teeth cleaning.

Toothache & Tooth Emergency
Our office is well-equipped to handle toothaches and dental emergencies. For a fractured or chipped tooth due to an accident or other trauma, Contact Dr. right away. While the most damaging breaks are those which affect nerves, broken teeth can be repaired.

Dental Treatments Available

porcelain metal-free crownsTogether with leading industry technology and conveniences, our practice can offer patients a full range of dental procedures. In addition to porcelain veneers and tooth-colored fillings, our dentist can quickly fix common problems such as broken or misshaped teeth. Lost teeth can be replaced permanently with dental implants, bridges and crowns. We also provide affordable, full and partial dentures.

Personal, Individual Care
You can be sure that Dr. will see you during each of your scheduled appointments. For your gum care and professional teeth cleanings, our practice employs highly-qualified, licensed dental hygienists.

First Dentist Appointment
family dental care examinationWhen you arrive for your dental appointment, you'll appreciate our clean, modern and up-to-date facilities. Our friendly staff will make your visit a pleasant, enjoyable experience and our dentist will perform an examination to determine the exact condition of your teeth. You can also reduce office paperwork delays by using these new patient forms.

No Waiting Time Required
You'll be pleased to discover that we never make you wait to see the dentist. All patients are seen promptly at the reserved time on their appointment day. Another convenience we can offer is a payment plan for dental services to those who need financing for treatments.