Before & After Photos

Before & After Photographs / Dental Patients

Move your mouse over a few of Dr. Benito patient photos to give you some ideas about dental care and a few examples of what can be accomplished with cosmetic teeth restoration. You'll notice from the images that we are able to precisely match your natural tooth color and even enhance your smile's original appearance with dental implants and composite veneers.

Pictures of before and after treatments illustrate how our dental techniques can positively impact a person's life by changing their smile. Teeth whitening, dental crowns, bonding and porcelain veneers are procedures used by the dentist to enhance the patient's teeth, fix tooth structure imperfections, create a symmetrical smile and establish a pleasing appearance.

Utilizing advanced dental technology and modern materials, the dentist can literally transform problem teeth, replace missing teeth and restore original teeth to their former strength and stability. Whether bridgework, a cap replaced, a tooth needs filling, or a complete makeover is desired, schedule an appointment for a full examination to determine what's best for you.