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whiten w/ hydrogen peroxide dental gelZOOM Teeth Whitening
Zoom Whitening. Enhance the natural beauty of your teeth with effective, safe, fast teeth whitening. It's perfect for patients with tooth discolorations or stains from coffee, tobacco, tea, enamel age, antibiotics & fluoride.

permanent tooth restorationDental Implants
Artificial teeth to effectively and permanently replace lost or missing teeth. Implants are attached as anchors in the jawbone under the gum line. Your implant looks, feels & performs just like a real tooth.

strong layered protectionBonding
Painless, non-invasive procedure to repair and protect damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth; it's a composite dental resin to cover-up tooth defects. After preparation, material is sculpted onto surfaces.

periodontitis therapyPeriodontal Treatment
Methods to diagnosis gum disease and prevent damage to your teeth and adjacent bone. Without treatment, bacteria can lead to infection of the surrounding gum tissues and possible tooth loss.

natural looking teethWhite-Colored Fillings
We match porcelain or composite resin material with your natural tooth's color to restore teeth damaged by cavities. Much superior to mercury amalgam fillings in strength, appearance and durability.

cosmetic enhancementDental Veneers
These are thin shells of ceramic material added to the surface of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are used to cosmetically transform unattractive teeth by concealing chips, spaces and imperfections.

gold or metal-freeBridges, Caps & Crowns
If you have broken, cracked, or decayed teeth, dental crowns can be used restore normal function. Bridges are multiple crown units that are hooked together to span open gaps caused by missing teeth.

prevent pulling toothRoot Canal Therapy
An option to tooth extraction; process involves cleaning out any disease or infection within the tooth's pulp, reshaping and filling the root canals with inert material, then sealing it with a crown.